Work at Sonic . . . It's a Blast in 2020

Get Rollin' On A Great Career With Sonic
Are you looking for excitement and inspiration in your profession? Then come work at Sonic, where careers are a blast, like the Sonic experience itself. Whether in store management, or crew members, Sonic provides a stimulating work environment that nourishes the individual, and values the delivery of unique products, services and experiences."Benefits & Career Development Info Link" So come join our team and steer your career towards bigger and better destinations!

Work At Sonic. It's A Blast!
Sonic is all about having fun while you work and learning life skills along the way. Not only do you make or work with great friends, you'll get great pay, flexible hours and a uniform that looks cool with roller blades. The various crew positions offered at Sonic Drive-Ins are listed CLICK. Check them out, then get online at your nearest Computer and Apply Here.

Each of our companies 10 drive-ins in North Georgia is a franchised location that is independently owned and operated.

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