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Accent On Education For your School in 2020

My name is Billy Wright and I am with Sonic Drive-In restaurant in the towns listed in the menu bar. We are making an effort to become more involved in the local community that has been so generous in their support of our restaurant.  Listed below are a few ideas for school support and fund raising options that can assist your school.

Sonic Guest Car Hop:  We would like to have a day for your individual school, designated “(school name) Sonic Carhop for Tips fundraiser”, where we set a certain predetermined day or night that one of the organizations at your school (cheerleaders, football team, teachers, etc.) will carhop (waiter) and deliver orders to the cars for tips that will go to the organization or school. We would only ask that your school inform the students, families, faculty and staff  of the event to insure that “Car Hop for Tips” will be a successful one.

Paper Supplies and Misc. Donations: With advance notice we can provide the following paper products for school events and functions as supplies permit.  We would need to know in advance to place orders. Orders placed by 8am on Mondays and Thursdays will arrive at the restaurant the following day.  Sonic Cups, Napkins, Straws, Cup Holders, Bags and Food Trays, Crushed Ice, etc..

Sonic Community Discount Cards:  We will donate these discount cards to your school (at no charge) that your students can sell as a fundraiser. These cards are the size of a credit card and have 10 separate peal off discounts on the reverse side and are normally sold for $5 each with all funds received going to the school.

Sporting Events:  We have experienced excellent results at sporting events during half time with school fundraisers. We can supply “Food For a Year” coupons for people that make a donation to the school that qualifies them to participate to win these coupons. Examples are: Football-Kicking a field goal, Basketball-Making a half court shot, Soccer-Kicking a goal from mid field, or many other competitions.  We also have Sonic mascots that can appear during sporting events with discount coupons distributed.

Sonic Car Wash Fundraiser:
Sonic Will Provide:
· Public / Visible Location
· Water and Elec. for the Event
· Event posted on our Signboard
· Sonic Mascot's (when available)
· Coupons for all your Customers

Your Organization Will Provide:
· Crew Members for Car Wash
· Crew Members for Street Advertising
· Car Wash Supplies and Hoses
(All Car Wash Funds Go To Your Organization)

​Catering, Coupon and Food Donations:
· Prepared food in Bulk at a % discount
· Buy one Get one Free Menu Items
· Ice Cream and deserts
· Donations of Community Discount Cards that can be resold for a school profit
· Food for special pre-arranged events and meetings
· Sonic Mints
· With advanced notice, small scale school meetings/events can be catered depending on food and employee availability.  Depending on event size, catering cost will be discounted on all pre-approved food items.

Limeades for Learning:  SONIC and are partnering again to help public school teachers inspire their students to learn. By October of this year, SONIC will have donated much more in supplies and learning materials to public school teachers and their students across the country.

Teachers, register your projects on to ensure your project is reviewed in time to be posted when voting begins. You can even upload your project now for individual donations before voting begins. During September, anyone can come to the website and vote for their favorite teacher's classroom project. Do you need an idea of what type of project is eligible for funding? Click here to find out more specifics on how you can be successful.

For everyone else, it's even easier to participate in Limeades for LearningSM this year. Come to the website in September and vote for the public school teacher's project you want SONIC to fund. There is no purchase necessary; all you need is a valid email address to vote. Check back in every day and vote throughout September.

All food and coupons will be issued according to store supply and availability at the time of request. Please let us know if you have any other suggestions.

We are open to any suggestions that might help Sonic Drive-Ins better partner with your school.  We thank you for your interest and support of our Drive-In, and look forward to hearing from you soon. Give me a call or email anytime.

Click HERE to see some of our past local efforts:
We Want To Help Your School!

Thanks again,
Billy Wright
Sonic Drive-In (your town)

 “Have another marketing idea that you think would be beneficial to your group or school, not mentioned here?  Email or call me with your idea and we can try to make it work.

See our Calendar for coming school events

See our Calendar for coming school events