Community Involvement Options

Our Community Mindset

 Your local SONIC Drive-In operators don't consider community involvement a sales gimmick or a public relations ploy. They see it as a way to be a good neighbor, and as a way to have a positive impact on their community. Their efforts will include awards to encourage young kids to read and incentives to keep older kids in school. They will also provide opportunities for fundraisers for school projects or other means of assistance for events in your community.

Please feel free to contact the marketing manager of your local SONIC Drive-In to find out what programs we are supporting. While budget limitations make it impossible to support every worthy cause, your local SONIC is interested in learning about the work of your organization. Local drive-ins have many fundraising activities available to fit most any organization. Please contact the marketing manager of your local SONIC for information. (770-337-5510) or email to: 

UGA Cheerleaders Car Wash Fundraiser at Sonic Drive-In Athens/Bogart Georgia

UGA Cheerleaders Car Wash Fundraiser at Sonic Drive-In Athens/Bogart Georgia

Community Activities and Partnerships

Sonic Bike Nights


 We host Sonic Bike Nights in March thru October at a number of our locations.  We have covered parking, great friends, music, games and all attendees will receive a free Sonic burger or ice cream sundae.  Be sure to come ready to have your picture taken. 

Hosting Great Organizations


Sonic is a great location to hold gatherings for your local organizations. We have great food, covered parking, music and PA if needed with great service a staff with big smiles ready to take care of your wants and needs. 

Coupon Discounts Distributed


Sonic is constantly distributing great values throughout each of our local markets. You can expect that you will have the opportunity to collect great Sonic Coupons if you attend any large event or community gathering in your city, we will most likely be there.

Donate Time to Education

Our Sonic Staff regularly donates time to local education where we teach kids.

Our Sonic Staff regularly donates time to local education where we teach kids about business and work life experiences.  We are also open for field trips to Sonic Drive-Ins so kids can see how the operation operates in person 1st hand.

Sonic Cruise-In Car Shows


We host Sonic Cruise-Ins Car Shows at many of our locations.  We have covered parking, great friends, music, games and all attendees will receive a free Sonic burger or ice cream sundae.  Be sure to come ready to have your picture taken.

Local School Spirit Nights


We host school Spirit Nights for over 30 local schools in our communities with 10% of our total sales (during the event) going to the schools as a fundraiser.  The class with the highest attendance gets a Sonic Ice cream party the following day for their promotional help.

Seasonal Festivals


With all the changing seasons in Georgia, Sonic Drive-In participates in and donates to as many local festival events as possible. Give us a call or email, with info on your seasonal events if you would like to have an active partner.

Community 5k Runs


Through out the year a number of local 5k and 10k run events take place. Sonic participates in as many as possible.  Bottled Water, coupons and crew help are avenues where we can help. Let us know if you would like us to help on your next 5k event, call 770-337-5510 or email.

Local Swim Teams

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 We sponsor a number of local community swim teams each summer. We have tons of fun participating in each swim meet and we host each Swim Teams Sonic After Party's at the Drive-In after the meet is over until we close.

Event Catering


If you have an event coming up and your would like to serve Super Sonic food, give us a call for great items to serve to your guests. See our full menu at the link below. 

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High School Events


Sonic is partnering with as many High Schools and Middle Schools  as possible. Click Here and see some of the best ways Sonic can be a partner in education with your school.

or Email Here

LifeSouth Blood Drives


 We host Sonic LifeSouth Blood Drives at many of our locations on a regular basis. If you feel the urgent need to give blood we will donate a free Sonic Burger and Soft Drink to YOU for your  participation in this great cause.

Sonic Corporate Events


Sonic Drive-In Corp. sponsors many large events during the year.  Click Here and learn more about this great company and the many ways your community benefits.

Local Parade Participation


Sonic participates in local parade events in our various communities.  Stop by the next parade in your city, you might just see us and receive Sonic Coupons or delicious mints for you visit.

Birthday Parties


If your child has a birthday coming up you might want to schedule a Sonic Birthday Party to   

accommodate all their friends. Just contact us and we will set up a good date and time for all.

Car Wash Fundraisers


We have many great options if your group needs a fundraiser.  Car Wash Fundraisers are a great example, give us a call or email with any ideas you have that might help your group or organization. We want to help!

Local Business Partnerships


Sonic wants to be a great neighbor and we implement our Good Neighbor Program occasionally.  This Program allows for a 20% discount to a specific local business, or organization for a allocated period of time.

Sonic Half Court Challenges


We coordinate "Sonic Basketball Half Court Challenges" with our local High Schools during half times of Home Games. Participants donate $5 to the school and shoot for a chance to make a shot and win Free Sonic "Food for a Year".

Habitat for Humanity


We partner with a number of our local charities by way of on lot and off lot events. We have done our part in supporting charities, such as this lunch provided to the Habitat for Humanity volunteer builders at a home build.

Local Scout Troops


We periodically partner with our local Scout Troops with their events and activities. Sonic contributes with on lot and off lot fundraisers that benefit the Girl and Boy Scouts that   

positively effect our local communities.

Senior Citizens Discount


We encourage all of your senior citizens to use our discount which applies to those over 55 years old.  All you have to do is ask for it when, you place your order, and you will receive a 10% discount on your entire order.

High School Bands


Sonic Drive-Ins partner with our local high Schools in many forms. We support sports programs, fundraisers, and school bands, which perform at our Drive-Ins periodically.

Sports Donations


Metro Atlanta Sonic Drive-Ins come together with support and participate in regional football, and other sports programs in many forms on a large scale in North Georgia.

Holiday Events


Our Drive-Ins host holiday theme parties of all types which include contest and games for our attendees.  Stop by Sonic on any special Holiday and join all the fun.

Bicycle Events


Sonic participates numerous bicycle race events that take place in so many communities all over North Georgia. Nothing like a "Sonic Bottled Water" at the end of a race.

Sonic Job Fairs


We are constantly hiring with opportunities in all positions at our Drive-Ins.  Get Roll'in today on a great new career with Sonic. 

 Click Here and Work at Sonic, It's a Blast!

On Lot Entertainment


Sonic hosts numerous events at our Drive-Ins during the year and we have local talent as entertainment. Our goal is entertainment and activities for our guest at all of our events.

Partners In Education


Sonic Drive-Ins of North Georgia is currently "Partners In Education" with 53 of our valuable local schools. We are working to be a contributing member of each of our communities and our schools are the foundation of our communities.

Local School Fundraisers


Sonic has many fundraising options for your school. Contact us with any events that we might be able to help with and visit our Accent on Education page for more information on how we might be able to help. CLICK Here

Support of Local Charities


Sonic constantly works with many local charities in each of our communities. Big Brothers and Big Sisters is a great example  of our partnerships. Contact us and let us know about your particular charitable organization or event.  We want to help.

Accent on Kids


Sonic is very engaged with all the  kids in our local communities. As you can see on this page we focus on many children oriented events and programs.  Let us know how we can further our participation.  

Business of the Month


Periodically we highlight specific local businesses with an appreciation discount for a limited time that our business partners use and appreciate.

Local Church Partnerships


All of our Drive-Ins partner with local churches in our communities in many way and for many events and fundraisers. Contact us for more information on how we can help.

Email Discounts and Images


We constantly keep in touch with our valuable customers via email with great discount coupons and links to images of all or events. We have a signup sheet handy at all of our events.

Social Media


Sonic Drive-Ins of North Georgia makes it very easy to follow the good news about your local Drive-In via Social Media. Visit our pages on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and many more.

Skating Car Hops


What is the one thing that Sonic has that others don't?  "Skating Car Hops"  We are proud of our dedicated crew members that quickly skate your orders out to your vehicle with a Sonic Smile.

Prizes for Local Festivals


Sonic helps to make local festivals and fairs more fun for attendees by sponsoring prizes for event competitions and games. Distribution of Sonic Coupons for all that visit the event when they enter the gates.

Fun Games and Contests


We have an assortment of games and contest during our on lot events for our guest entertainment. Some examples, PuttPutt Golf, Frizzbe Golf, Corn Hole, Football Toss, Hoola Hoop Contest, Line Dance Competition, Popular Music DJ, Trivia Contest, Basketball shots, etc.

Limeades for Learning


 This award winning program is a national cause effort that benefits teachers and students in local communities. Since its origin in 2009, we have donated over $4.2 million to teacher’s projects and made a difference in thousands of students’ lives.  Visit 

Sonic Bowling Classic


Sonic supports local Bowling Lanes with sponsorship of Sonic Bowling Classic tournaments in selected cities.

Sonic Food for a Year Prizes


Sonic has available a special "Free Food for a Year" coupon for selected events and competitions. This incentive consists of a $5 credit each week for 52 weeks. 

Sonic Employment Job Fairs


All of our restaurants are constantly hiring positive enthusiastic people via local job fairs and schools or via our Jobs Page on the website. Give us a call !

Sonic Go-For Program


In selected Drive-Ins Sonic has a Gopher Program where you can "Go For" 3 of your friends or colleges meals and you get the 4th meal free.  Call for availability 770-337-5510 

Sonic Good Neighbor Discount


During the year in selected markets at specific Drive-Ins we offer a Good Neighbor Discount for our local businesses and organizations in our stores vicinity.

Local Car Club Meetings


Many North Georgia Car Clubs meetings are hosted at selected Drive-Ins. Contact us if your club would like a location and  partner with Sonic.

Golf Tournaments


We partner with local Golf tournaments in the form of hole sponsorships, couponing and refreshments. We even play when our busy schedule allows.

Special Theme Events


We host events that are based on popular Themes that are recognizable to everyone. These events are specifically enjoyed by our younger guests.

Dance Parties


Sonic Drive-Ins of North Georgia loves music at our on lot events, we even have a full featured DJ system with lighting. This system is always a big hit and often transforms a regular event into a Sonic Dance Party.

Sonic Community Cards


Our best fundraiser is definately our Sonic Community Cards.  We donate the cards free to your group and your members sell them for (an ave. of) 5$ and you keep all the funds collected.  Sonic will honor all the discounts with a SMILE.

Everyone Loves Pictures


We have received numerous recognitions from our event participants for the photo slideshows we make available for all of our events. We have a photographer that captures all event images and posts them online (currently over 15 million image views). Take a look HERE:

Taste Of "Your City" Events


We regularly participate in "Taste of Your City" events in all of our North Georgia communities.  We generally provide free Corn Dogs to all participants along with Sonic Coupons and mints. Our Sonic Mascot is in attendance for all the kids entertainment.