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Lance Burns


In March of  2000, Lance Burns and his partners formed a series of companies to  develop Sonic Drive-Ins in the Atlanta and North Georgia market area.   In October of 2012, Lance and his partners sold the 8 drive-ins to Mike  Waller.  Mike is a long time Sonic Franchisee from the Macon/Warner  Robbins area.  Mike is well respected franchisee that grew up working  the Sonic business.  He is a family man and a community leader.  At  present (2013) the Atlanta division of the company has grown to 9 Sonic  Drive-Ins in North Georgia located in Stone Mountain, Lawrenceville,  Suwanee, Dacula, Commerce, Winder, Athens, Tucker, Lake City and  Bogart.  Mike and Lance are the longest standing franchisee in Atlanta  having been in business more than 16 years. Together, they will continue  to operate and grow the restaurants in an effort to become America’s  most loved restaurant brand!  

A key factor in our future success  will be a strong involvement in the local communities where our  Drive-Ins are located. This website is an example of our commitment to  building relationships with our local customers, with links to many of  our efforts to be a contributing and involved member of our local  neighborhoods. We have a representative whose sole responsibility is to  promote our Drive-Ins involvement in the local communities which  reflects our commitment to our local markets.  

The single most important factor in our success is a strong operations base. We provide our customers with: 


-Fast, friendly service; 

-Hot, fresh food made from quality products; 

-A clean, safe environment; 

-A fun atmosphere with roller skating and music; and most importantly, 

-A consistent experience, from visit to visit, and location to location.  


It  is our mission to become America’s most loved restaurant brand. To do  this, we must become the most loved restaurant brand in each city that  we are involved in and that is what we are committed to doing.    

Lance Burns

Lance Burns      

Gary Jackson

Gary is the area supervisor for our Gwinnett county Drive-Ins + Winder. He is a leader in efforts to provide a great experience for our valuable customers.


Gary Jackson

Supervisor Appreciation

A Word From Matt

Local Community Involvement

We are very proud of on-going and continuous commitments to our local Georgia communities


Hello!  My name is Billy Wright and I am the Local Store Marketing Manager for 9 Sonic Drive-Ins restaurants in North Georgia.  I am very proud of our past efforts, which have been an asset to all of our 10 local communities, where our stores are located.  We know the value of our all important regular customers who have been so generous with their support and loyalty to our Drive-Ins.  We want to give back to our community as much as possible in any way possible. We are allways looking for new ways to be a good neighbor, and your ideas would be appreciated.

​I have documented over 1800 Sonic events with more than 200,000 images posted online and as of Jan 2020 these images have received over 15 million views (clicks), that I am very proud of.   Take a look at these images to see the depth and diversity of our involvement.  We also try to stay in touch with our valuable local customers and make it easy for them to give us feedback, online and in person, so that we are always improving.  Please friend us on Facebook and Like our Facebook Page, you can also follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.  We look forward to your next visit at any one of our Georgia Sonic Drive-In's and you can directly contact me via email to let me know anytime about your visit.  Or just give me your suggestions on how we can even better partner with your community or serve our family of loyal customers.

Billy Wright - Marketing Manager

Billy Wright - Marketing Manager


Sonic Drive-In History - From The Beginning

SONIC: An American Tradition Still On The Go

SONIC Drive-In Carhops have been serving up beloved American food and signature SONIC favorites at "the speed of sound" since 1953.

SONIC is parked in a very prominent place in the annals of drive-in history. Not only did we develop innovations in the drive-in concept, but we are one of the few remaining drive-in chains left in America. In an industry overwrought with automation, SONIC keeps the personal touch. Carhops still deliver food prepared-to-order right to your car.

We still make the best burgers and malts, plus signature goodies like Extra-Long Cheese Coneys and Chocolate Cream Pie Shakes. Our appeal doesn't necessarily hail from the past, but from an energy and personality that has thrived by surprising and delighting generations of Americans. Learn more about our trip to the top right here.

Company Overview:
Considered the most differentiated concept in the QSR industry, Sonic has more than 3,500 drive-ins coast to coast, of which 80 percent are franchised. Sonic, America’s Drive-In, originally began in 1953 as Top Hat Drive-In, a hamburger and root beer stand in Shawnee, Okla. and then changed its name to Sonic in 1959. The first drive-in to adopt the Sonic name is still serving customers in Stillwater, Okla. Every day, more than a million customers enjoy Sonic’s food and specialty drinks.

Positive same store sales growth for 21 straight years and a five year average of 15% annual earnings growth are among a few of the mouth watering reasons to invest in America’s largest drive-in chain.

The Sonic Difference:
What makes SONIC different from other franchise opportunities? A big part of the SONIC difference is the belief that "owners make better operators." In fact, SONIC franchisees enjoy one of the most successful businesses and one of the lowest turnover ratios in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise industry, with unparalleled opportunities for personal success.

Satisfied customers are one of the best measures of a company's success, and SONIC maintains one of the highest customer frequency rates in the industry.

Of course, the SONIC Drive-In itself makes a huge difference. Here are just a few ways:

Drive-In Concept
Customers can park their cars and order without waiting in a busy drive-thru line.

Customers order from their cars. There's no need to walk up to the counter thanks to the intercom, and the canopy provides shade and weather protection.

Great Service
Carhops deliver food straight to every customer's car.

Great Food
Hot, fresh food is made-to-order and whatever way customers want it—with extra jalapeños, pickles, chili, etc.

Unique Menu Items
· TOASTER® Sandwiches made with thick Texas Toast
· Ex-Long Cheese Coneys
· Onion Rings
· Tater Tots
· Cherry Limeades
· Premi-YUM® Cream Pie Shakes
· Java Chillers premium roast coffee

Fountain Favorites® Drinks
SONIC is known for its Cherry Limeades, Ocean Water® drinks and real fruit Slushes.

Frozen Favorites® Desserts
Many customers specifically drive to SONIC for a Banana Split or one of our Premi-YUM!® Cream Pie Shakes, Floats, CreamSlush® treats and SONIC Blast® soft-serve desserts.

 Most of SONIC's new menu creations are pioneered by entrepreneurial franchisees. This was the case with SONIC's highly successful Frozen Favorites® dessert menu expansion in 1996. This spirit of cooperation has only been reinforced by the success it has afforded all of us.

Commitments to our Valuable Georgia Communities

Only the best in community efforts
Our Community Mindset:
Your local SONIC Drive-In operators don't consider community involvement a sales gimmick or a public relations ploy. They see it as a way to be a good neighbor, and as a way to have a positive impact on their community. Their efforts may include awards to encourage young kids to read and incentives to keep older kids in school. They also provide opportunities for fundraisers for school projects or other means of assistance for events in your community.

Please feel free to contact the manager of your local SONIC Drive-In to find out what programs he or she is supporting. While budget limitations make it impossible to support every worthy cause, your local SONIC is interested in learning about the work of your organization. Many local drive-ins have fundraising activities available. Please contact the manager of your local SONIC for information.